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FundsAtWork financial advisers

At FundsAtWork we know that your business is your world and that your clients are important to you. Because of your accurate and proper advice your clients are able to select the right products for their needs.

With FundsAtWork retirement and insurance product solutions you're assisting your clients to better manage their financial wellness.

The product is designed to meet individual needs at various life stages. With FundsAtWork product options individuals are able to replace their income in the event of death, disablement or retirement.

An employer can choose a combination of insurance and retirement benefits from the four FundsAtWork product options.

Benefits with your employer
Retirement benefits for employees Open

FundsAtWork has a range of carefully selected investment portfolios, asset managers and asset classes to match each employee's investment objectives.

Our range includes a cost-effective entry level option with no flexibility, to the option for the most financially sophisticated individual requiring a wider choice.

Employers participating in the FundsAtWork Umbrella Funds select the initial default product option and investment portfolio.

FundsAtWork clients can use our retirement calculator to find out if they're saving enough for retirement to meet their needs.

  • Founder - is suitable if you need to protect your capital while targeting inflation-beating returns over long term periods in excess of 5 years.
  • Narrator - follows Momentum's house view on investments and will automatically change your investment portfolio according to your particular life stage.
  • Provider - offers a range of investment portfolios targeting inflation plus 3% to inflation plus 7%, a range of guaranteed portfolios as well as the life stage solution.
  • Entrepreneur - is suitable if you want to structure a specific and unique investment profile using a selection of unit trusts and Momentum portfolios.
Insurance benefits Open

People don't always understand the value of financial advice and the benefit of having enough insurance cover. Employer sponsored benefits are often the only source of insurance cover that an individual has.

FundsAtWork insurance options provide the necessary individual cover which aims to reduce or eliminate the impact of life unfavorable events, i.e. provides protection and cover in case of member death, disability or dread disease.

The employer also reduces their business vulnerability by minimising the level of financial obligations should the unforeseen happen to an employee.

FundsAtWork partners with financial advisers to assist employers to help their employees in choosing the appropriate cover for their individual needs.

Use our insurance calculators to find out if your clients have enough death and disability cover.

More information on the Family Protector:

Employees can protect and provide for their families with the FundsAtWork Family Protector benefits. Having these insurance benefits contribute to the financial wellness of families and help them to secure their world.

You can download the Family Protector brochure by clicking here.

Lifestyle benefits Open

Home loan facility

  • Employers can make a home loan facility available to employees, who will then have access to a pension-backed home loan facility at competitive rates.
  • The home loan facility is made available to enable FundsAtWork members to buy or renovate their primary residence
  • The loan amount must be paid off before withdrawing from the FundsAtWork Umbrella Funds, or the outstanding balance of the loan will be deducted from the retirement savings at withdrawal stage.

How to apply:

  • The employer enters into an agreement with either FNB or Standard Bank on behalf of employees.
  • Once the agreement is in place the employees can then apply at any FNB or Standard Bank branch for a home loan.
  • The bank then notifies FundsAtWork once the loan facility has been granted.
  • At claims stage, the outstanding home loan balance will be settled first and remaining balance will be paid to the employee or their beneficiaries.

Multiply rewards programme

  • Momentum's rewards programme is available to all FundsAtWork members.
  • For more information on Multiply, click here.
Preservation for employees who change employers Open

What options do employees have if you leave your employment due to resignation, retrenchment or dismissal?

  • We encourage members to always save their retirement saving to avoid the negative impact on their lifestyle expectations at retirement.

Preservation funds product options:

  • Members will be placed in the same product option and investment portfolios as in the Umbrella Funds.

Family Protector benefits:

  • If members transfer their retirement benefits from the Umbrella Funds, they can keep the Family Protector BASE funeral benefit at no monthly fee.

Automatic preservation:

  • FundsAtWork Umbrella Funds' members have the option to automatically save their pension money, meaning that the balance in their retirement savings account will not be disinvested from the market. The savings will stay invested without losing growth.
  • Employer can also notify us of the member's wish to automatically preserve their retirement benefit on the Employer Portal.
FundsAtWork online convenience Open

FundsAtWork's online tools give you immediate access to real-time information and tools, putting you in control without compromising sound governance.

The financial adviser portal is web-based, helping you to manage your world more efficiently.

  • As the financial adviser you have access to all information and a range of reports that compliment the advice management process.
  • Members have access to information and tools which educate and empower them to make the right financial choices.
  • The employer is able to control the ongoing transfer of data and information, as well as all aspects of the monthly contribution process.

The FundsAtWork's employer portal is secure and convenient - it can also save you time.

  • The auto preserve facility supports full asset portability to the preservation fund, and no losses are incurred as with manual transactions.
  • The withdrawal claim early notification facility is able to settle cash withdrawal claims immediately following exit.
  • Pre-funding of contributions allows for early investment, leading to enhanced long-term retirement saving.

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