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Occupational Hygiene

What we do

The Occupational Hygiene Division of Momentum OCSA is a Department of Labour Approved Inspection Authority (AIA), No. OH 0110-CI020, and SANAS Accredited Inspection Body, No. OH 0110, who, with the aid of specialised knowledge and equipment, delivers a comprehensive range of Health Risk Assessments and Occupational Hygiene Surveys, as required by the Occupational Health and Safety, as well as Mine Health and Safety Acts.

The above-mentioned assessments and surveys are conducted to anticipate, recognise and evaluate health hazards in the working environment, with the objective of controlling exposure to environmental factors that may cause a detrimental health effects in any employee.

Why are assessments and surveys important?

Legal compliance

Section 8(2)(d) of the OHSAct and Section 11 of the MHSAct requires that every employer establishes what hazards to health and safety are attached to any work performed in their workplace, and further establish precautionary measures that should be taken to protect the health and safety of employees. Legislation dictates that surveys and assessments be conducted by AIAs to help employers comply with the requirements of the OHSAct and MHSAct.

Health and productivity

Control measures recommended during assessments and surveys aim to protect worker health, lower healthcare and social costs, increase life expectancy, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.

Our solutions

Momentum OCSA helps you evaluate conditions in your workplace that could cause harmful health effects. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to scientifically interpret the results and devise practical recommendations to improve or alleviate potential occupational health risks presented to employees in the workplace.