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Preventative Healthcare Services

Integrated Wellness Screening – know your health status

Momentun OCSA organises customised corporate wellness days to meet individual client needs. They range from simple screening tests for chronic conditions, aligned with a “theme of the month” on the Department of Health (DoH) Health Calendar, to a 360° health fair – bringing together a collection of informative exhibitions, expert speakers and lively workshops.

The aim is to build awareness, educate and remind your employees why their health is important, and the impact of their life choices on their wellbeing, as well as the long-term effects of their choices.

The main objective is to increase awareness of healthy lifestyle choices and motivate individuals to pro-actively maximise on their health and minimise risk factors.

The wellness screenings consist of:

Individual Health Risk Assessment

Employees are introduced to the concept of reducing their health risk factors through the following process:

  • One-on-one counselling sessions.
  • Obtain informed consent to do screening tests for:
    • Glucose levels
    • Cholesterol levels
    • Body mass index (weight & height)
    • Blood pressure reading
    • Screening questionnaire
    • Lifestyle factors
    • TB risk assessment
  • A “Health Passport” is issued to track measurements.
  • Referral to relevant health providers for follow up and support.
  • Early enrolment into disease management programmes.

Executive Medical Screening

The Executive Health Programme provides a confidential and personal valuation with a strong emphasis on assessing the health risk of individuals, education and recommendations. It is not intended to replace the executive manager’s relationship with his/her personal physician or medical doctor, but serves to identify specific conditions, and subsequently refer executives to their own healthcare providers for appropriate intervention.

The programme’s key objectives are to:

  • Initiate and facilitate awareness of and personal commitment to health.
  • Assess and identify health risks.
  • Provide feedback on group health risks and trends to promote effective workplace health management strategies, and
  • Provide individual feedback to executives, to encourage treatment and management of any abnormalities.

Our comprehensive offering of medical examinations evaluate the physical, medical and psychological status of executives include:

  • Complete medical examinations.
  • Exercise electrocardiogram (Stress ECG).
  • Lung function.
  • Fitness test and fat index.
  • Relevant blood tests.
  • Detailed individual feedback by a physician.
  • Practical guidelines to optimise health and well-being.

Additional services:

  • Immunisation - flu vaccination
  • Screening – HIV/Aids
  • Tuberculosis screening
  • Health education
  • Chest X-Ray