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Onsite Primary healthcare services

Primary healthcare programmes treat employees for acute conditions and also monitor and control chronic conditions. At the discretion of the employer, these services can be extended to include doctor visits for employees and their families. Link to Health4Me/ Staff Care.

Delivered onsite, for your convenience, our Primary Health Care (PHC) services provide:

  • A comprehensive primary healthcare service for acute and minor ailments.
  • Diagnosis and advice on treatment.
  • Identification and monitoring of chronic conditions.
  • Medicines dispensed according to permit 22(A) of the medicines and related substance act (No. 101, 1965).
  • Referral of patients requiring further medical intervention.
  • Ensuring the implementation of the comprehensive primary health program to employees through the utilisation of available resources, as described above.
  • Health promotions.
  • Hazard awareness education, and
  • Training on work related risks as laid down by the Hazardous Chemical Substances Regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Disease Management

Our approach to healthcare is to educate workers how to manage their chronic conditions. Employees learn to take responsibility for understanding how to care for themselves, which helps in curbing potential future problems, and the possibility that their conditions worsen.

Our workplace health and wellness programme provides comprehensive, customised solutions for client-specific needs, aimed at preventing new infections, managing existing ones and fighting stigma. It includes onsite chronic disease management in our wellness centers through:

  • Monitoring
  • Education
  • Referral
  • Chronic disease screenings such as TB, cholesterol, blood glucose and more.
  • Referral to own health practitioners or Department of Health clinics for treatment.
  • Liaison with different medical aid schemes.