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Occupational Health Specialist Services

Momentum OCSA’s Occupational Health Specialist Services are delivered through Momentum’s multipronged support systems, including:

  • The day to day management and interface with clients, their managers and unions, by one of our Business Clinic Managers and an Occupational Medicine Practitioner (OMP); along with
  • Ongoing support from Momentum OCSA’s National OMPS’ who provide guidance and support to the occupational health and clinic staff.

Operations Management staff members are available to provide high level consulting where applicable. The integration and sharing of information across disciplines involved in the overall risk management may have an impact on the pension and provident fund risk management process, and support the long-term risk stratification process for the respective funds.

Risk Stratification Management

Risk Stratification involves the integration of insights from the above services and assessments, to stratify or classify patients according to risk to allow for early identification and management.

Risk Audit Management

Our Risk Audit Management helps to track and ensure the quality of our service delivery.