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Risk Based Medical Surveillance Programme

Risk based medical surveillance programme reflects the requirements, content and frequency of health assessments. The rationale behind risk based medical surveillance programme and coordination process is to:

  • Evaluate and ensure that employees meet the physical and psychological requirements for placement into specific jobs.
  • Promote and secure health and safety through early detection of disease, prevention and management of adverse health effects.
  • Identify, assess and manage health conditions which may affect an employee’s ability to work.
  • Ensure employees are fit for duty, and
  • Comply with legislative requirements.

The following are types of risk based health assessments conducted as part of the medical surveillance programme:

  • Pre-placement/pre-employment health assessments are performed on all prospective employees and contractors before or within 14 days of employment.
  • Baseline health assessments are performed on all employees who have not undergone medical assessments since inception of their employment.
  • Transfer health assessments, for employees transferred to alternate positions, before or within 14 days of transfer.
  • Periodic health assessments are performed at intervals as indicated on the medical surveillance matrix to monitor employees’ health status and proactively manage employees with adverse health effects, and
  • Exit health assessments, performed at least 14 days before, or on the employee’s last working day at the company.

Occupational Medical Assessment

Our Occupational Medical assessment provides a comprehensive offering of screening tests and assessments taking into account mitigating factors such an employee’s family background, along with their immediate workplace environment. The assessments include:

  • Medical and family history
  • Biometrics
  • Screening tests
  • Audio, spiro (lung function) and vision tests
  • Biological monitoring; and
  • Physical assessments

Fitness For Work Assessments (Fit For Duty)

The Fit for Duty (FFD) concept originated from occupational medicine where workers are generally declared fit for duty.

It is therefore imperative that companies institute an integrated FFD programme as part of its human resources management, which covers policy and procedures, as well as all aspects of employee health and safety management.


Referral of employees with medical problems identified during the routine medical surveillance programme (pre-employment, periodic and exit medicals) may be required. These medical conditions may be work related (caused by the work) or unrelated to work. The conditions may require further assessments, including special investigations / tests by appropriate specialists or the employee’s own health care provider. Final FFD recommendations can only be made after receiving relevant reports detailing the outcome of the assessments.