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Absenteeism, Disability and Incapacity Management

Measuring and recording absenteeism

Workplace attendance and its converse absenteeism, are complex, multi-dimensional issues involving the interaction and subtle interplay between worker, employer, workplace, social, societal and economic factors. Measuring and recording absenteeism data means nothing unless you understand, monitor and actively intervene. It is what our clients know and understand about absenteeism drivers that leads to sensible and sustainable initiatives.

Benefits of sick leave management in the workplace:

  • Improves productivity of employers.
  • Assists Human Resources and line managers by:
    • Providing required tools to manage and control absenteeism.
    • CCMA paper trace requirements.
    • Optimising the company’s human capital potential.
  • Reduces company’s bottom line direct cost.
  • Proactively alerts the company to potential organisational issues.
  • Identifies attendance risk employees.
  • Supports the company’s performance management process.
  • Assists the company’s risk identifying process.

Absenteeism management includes:

  • Counselling as a result of traumatic exposures.
  • Return to work strategies.
  • Leave register.

Disability and Incapacity Management

Momentum OCSA’s Disability and Incapacity Management process is fully integrated with our sick leave management programme and supports our workplace health and wellness services.

It focuses on consultation with employees on return to work, incapacity and disability medical assessments. To access the service line management must refer employees to associated clinics. Once assessed, employees are referred to relevant service providers for further investigation, with consent from management.

The service includes:


  • Full functional assessments
  • Work site visits


  • Comprehensive, multiple reports to meet client requirements
  • Content customisation

Workplace Disability Management

  • Expert advice on the legislative framework pertaining to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).
  • Disability audits.
  • Management and employee workshops (sensitisation and disclosure workshops).
  • Mentoring of PWDs and their managers to ensure sustainable integration in the workplace.
  • Disability drives and campaigns in line with the annual health calendar.