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Occupational health and wellness in the workplace

Momentum OCSA (Occupational Care South Africa) provides integrated workplace health and wellness solutions to help your business on its journey to success.

Healthy employees are the bloodline of a successful business and we understand that the health of your business relies on the wellbeing of your employees.

Leaders in workplace health and wellness

We provide industry-leading health and wellness services throughout Southern Africa to enhance your business’ financial wellness through our:

  • Physical and wellness products and programmes
  • Holistic approach to boosting employee productivity

Partnering with your business

With over 21 years’ experience in occupational healthcare, we have the expertise to engage and guide you, the employer, to solve your unique health requirements and successfully integrate all your corporate workplace wellness, occupational health and occupational hygiene services. Our aim is to partner with you and your business, to help sustainably increase your bottom line; while growing and protecting your workforce and balance sheet.

Our competitive advantage

We’re South Africa’s only comprehensive and fully integrated workplace health and wellness solution, giving us the capability to address the physical, workplace environment and mental wellness - of both your business and its employees.

Strategic focus areas

  • Client growth
  • Diversity
  • High performance
  • Digital advancement
  • Improved profitability

Team up with OCSA

Contact us on 087 742 3107, email [email protected] for enquiries, or download the Momentum OCSA brochure on how we can help your business on your journey to success.