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Protecting the health of your employees

Your employees can have all the money in the world, but without good health, it is difficult to enjoy life.

At Momentum Medical Scheme, your employees can choose to save more than R1 000 on their medical aid contribution. They can also earn up to R3 000 in HealthReturns per family per month from Momentum as well as free GP visits.

Why has Momentum Medical Scheme grown faster than the industry over the past five years? Healthcare advisers believe the flexibility that allows your employees to really shape their cover according to their needs, and budget, is what has propelled the Scheme to the 3rd spot among open schemes.

Find the best option for your employees!

Affordable healthcare cover for your employees

If you are looking to secure affordable healthcare cover for your entry-level employees, Momentum now offers Staff Care Solutions, a unique offering specifically designed for this sector.

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