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Death benefits

We are here for your employees and their families should they or one of their family members pass away.

Loved ones remaining behind are faced with many costs, such as the funeral, pay off outstanding debt and continue to pay for their children’s education. We provide the deceased’s beneficiaries with financial protection during this time.

Lump sum death benefit Open
  • Pays a lump sum amount to the member’s beneficiaries after they pass away. This cost-effective benefit provides essential financial protection for the member’s family and beneficiaries in their time of need.
Accidental death benefit Open
  • This benefit covers the death of the member in events like car accidents and violent crime. It helps the member’s family when faced with an unexpected crisis by providing financial assistance during this time.
Riskflex benefit (death) Open
  • This benefit allows members to increase or decrease their level of cover for death benefits to suit their personal circumstances.
Funeral benefit Open
  • Pays on the death of the member or one of their family members. This benefit helps with the immediate expenses of a funeral, but can also be extended to assist with extra costs associated with the funeral.
Children's education benefit Open
  • Every child deserves the right to a good education as part of their journey to success. Parents need to be sure that if they pass away, tuition fees will be covered so their children can continue to get the education they need.
Special benefit for children Open
  • The special benefit for children helps to finance the ongoing needs of a member’s children if the member passes away. It assists with the children’s education costs, but is not limited to those costs only.
Spouse's and children's pension benefit Open
  • Pays a monthly benefit to a member’s spouse and children when they pass away. It is a traditional approach to making sure that the member’s family is taken care of long after the member passes away.
Spouse's benefit Open
  • This benefit provides a useful additional benefit to members to help them financially when their spouse passes away.

Disability benefits

An unexpected and life-changing disability can have a considerable impact on an employee and their family. They could be left without an income if they are unable to work, or forced to move to a less strenuous and lower paid job.

We are here for your employees and assist them financially and getting the care they need to get back to work. This gives them the peace of mind to focus on their recovery through our excellent rehabilitation services.

Disability 2.0 Open
  • Disability 2.0 is a revolutionary solution that better meets our clients’ needs. It is more affordable and benefits are relative to employees’ net income.
Income disability benefit Open
  • Pays a monthly amount to the disabled member. This creates a degree of financial stability for a member and their family that is essential while the member is unable to work and earn an income.
Income and lump sum disability benefit Open
  • This benefit is a combination of a short-term income disability benefit and a lump sum pay out.
Lump sum disability benefit Open
  • Pays a lump sum benefit when a member is totally and permanently disabled.
Riskflex benefit (lump sum disability) Open
  • This benefit allows members to increase or decrease their level of cover for lump sum disability benefits to suit their personal circumstances.
Temporary income disability benefit Open
  • Pays a monthly income benefit to a disabled member for a specified number of months. It provides a short-term solution for members who are unable to work by replacing a portion of their income for a limited period.
Accidental disability benefit Open
  • This low cost benefit helps a member with unforeseen expenses and adjustments that follow an accidental disability.
Functional disability benefit Open
  • This benefit provides an alternative to traditional lump sum disability benefits. The functional disability benefit uses an objective functional assessment table to measure the member’s level of disability.

Illness benefits

When one of your employees are diagnosed with a critical illness or hospitalised, they can face many additional expenses such as co-payments and loss of income.

We are here for your employees to help them with potentially overwhelming expenses and lifestyle adjustments caused by a critical illness or hospitalisation. The fixed cash amount can be used for anything, from medical costs and additional child care costs to alternative transport for the family.

Critical illness benefit Open
Care Cash Support Open
  • This benefit doesn’t pay for medical expenses, but pays a fixed rand amount for each day in hospital, even if the actual medical costs are lower.

Debt benefits

Many South Africans have some form of debt. We provide peace of mind that debt won’t be transferred to your employees’ loved ones in the event of their death, disability or critical illness.

Credit life benefits Open
  • Protects the member in times of financial need by assisting with the repayment of their outstanding loan amounts.