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Savings and investment

The savings and investment solution is based on our outcome-based investing philosophy where we place the desired retirement outcomes of your employees at the centre of the investment process.

FundsAtWork product options Open

The investment portfolios available in each product option are carefully selected and are Regulation 28 compliant.

Core is the simplest way to start members on their journey to retirement success. Low-income earners really benefit, as employees who earn less than R5 000 per month will not pay asset management fees.

For more information on the Core product option, click here.

Founder is a cost-effective product option with very limited investment flexibility. The employer makes the initial selection to keep the costs low and to provide basic benefits. If members want wide investment flexibility they need to move to the Provider or Entrepreneur product option.

Provider is the product option where we introduce flexibility. It is appropriate if the employer and their employees have more complex needs or need a degree of flexibility.

Entrepreneur is the more sophisticated product option if the employer and their employees have very distinct or individual needs.

Components of the savings and investment solution Open

Investment portfolios

For portfolio information, a list of available portfolios and the fund facts sheets, click here.

Choices Open

The employer participating in the Umbrella Fund makes the initial decision on the default product option, the contribution rates and the investment portfolios.

Members, depending on the choices made by the employer can move to the product option that suits them best, make changes to their contribution rate or switch their investment portfolios.

Annuities Open

When members retire they can select the annuity chosen by the trustees as their annuity strategy or any other annuity offered by Momentum.

Preservation Open

One of the key ways for members to become financially independent during retirement is to preserve their retirement savings when changing jobs. FundsAtWork members can do this in two ways: keeping their retirement savings in the Umbrella Fund when leaving their employer as paid-up members, or moving their retirement savings to the Momentum Corporate Preservation Fund.

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