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About FundsAtWork

FundsAtWork is a Financial Wellness solution that provides income continuation through insurance, retirement and preservation solutions, together with lifestyle benefits. Our products are tailored to meet individual needs across all employer sizes and industries.

We understand that employers want to take care of their businesses and also fulfill their moral obligation of taking care of their employees, and we are here to help.

Our solutions are designed to meet individual insurance, retirement, and preservation needs, available together with lifestyle benefits.

At FundsAtWork we make the following possible:

  • Insurance income continuation by offering benefits that help minimise the impact of unexpected life-changing events that could leave members unable to earn an income due to illness, dread disease, disability or death. Our products are designed to provide the cover needed in the event that they can no longer earn a regular income.
  • Retirement income continuation by offering retirement and preservation product options that are designed to facilitate income continuation for when a member reaches retirement. The four product options with the range of investment portfolios that match the investment requirements of each option make this possible.
  • Preservation income continuation by helping members build sustainable financial wellness. Preserving retirement savings helps members to have sufficient funds for income continuation and to avoid the negative impact on lifestyle expectation at retirement.
  • Lifestyle benefits make it possible for members to have access to a pension backed home loan facility at competitive rates and to also enjoy Momentum's rewards programme, Multiply.
Our offerings
Product options Open
  • FundsAtWork retirement and insurance product options are designed to cater for different business requirements as well as to meet individual needs within the group.
  • Our three FundsAtWork product options offer insurance and retirement solutions - ranging from a cost-effective to a financially sophisticated solution.
  • Having an income allows you to provide and take care of your family and loved ones.
  • FundsAtWork is committed to provide the right solutions you need for your financial wellness.
  • Founder - The most cost effective option. The employer makes the initial selection.
  • Provider - The option where flexibility is introduced. It is appropriate for members and employers who have more complex needs based on their company structure or need a degree of flexibility.
  • Entrepreneur - The boutique or specialist choice option, appropriate for members and employers who are highly financially sophisticated and require the ability to structure specific and unique investment and insurance profiles using a selection of unit trusts and Momentum portfolios.
Preservation Open

Preserve your retirement saving with FundsAtWork

When your employee's employment status changes due to resignation, retrenchment or dismissal:

  • We encourage preservation of retirement savings in order to avoid the negative impact on lifestyle expectation at retirement.
  • At FundsAtWork we are committed to helping you build sustainable financial wellness. Preserving your retirement savings is an important component towards making sure you have sufficient funds for income continuation at retirement.

Preservation Funds product options:

  • Members will be placed in the same product option and investment portfolios as in the umbrella funds.

Family Protector Benefits:

Members transferring retirement savings from FundsAtWork Umbrella Funds can maintain the following family protector benefits:

  • You can keep the Family Protector BASE benefit at no monthly fee.
  • Continue your existing, disability, dread disease and death benefits with Momentum Myriad by utilising the continuation option.

Automatic preservation:

FundsAtWork Umbrella Funds' members have the option to automatically save their pension money, meaning that the balance in their retirement savings account will not be disinvested from the market.

  • Retirement savings stay invested without losing investment growth.
  • Your employer can notify us of your wish to automatically preserve your retirement benefit on the Employer Portal.

If no instruction is given with regards to your retirement benefit savings, it will automatically be preserved in the Preservation Fund after 3 months.

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