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The FundsAtWork advantages

Life’s journey is unpredictable and members’ lives and their needs are changing fast. They could face a variety of setbacks such as disability, or the excitement of starting a new job, buying a house, having children and retiring.

FundsAtWork helps members on the road to a successful retirement by taking care of their financial goals before and after retirement. The main advantages of FundsAtWork are:

Momentum Investments’ outcome-based investing Open

Outcome-based investing (OBI) achieve long term results by:

  • Reducing the investment risk through high levels of diversification.
  • Offering the highest possible inflation-targeting returns, for the lowest possible risk.
  • Looking ahead instead of chasing historical returns.
  • Putting members and their goals at the centre of the investment process.
Housing loan guarantees Open

With the employer’s agreement, individual members on the FundsAtWork Umbrella Funds have access to pension-backed housing loan guarantee facilities at preferential rates.

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FlexiCovers Open

Employees can increase or decrease their level of insurance cover to suit their personal circumstances.

Rehabilitation and disability case management Open

Our Wellness Care Centre is a multidisciplinary team that performs holistic disability claims assessment and management services.

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Family Protector Open

The Family Protector benefits protect members and their families when the member passes away or becomes disabled.

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Family Assistance Benefit (FAB) Open

FAB is a 24-hour / 365 days a year service which provides valuable support to members during traumatic life events.

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Hello Doctor Open

Members get expert health advice from qualified medical doctors anytime, anywhere through their phone, tablet or computer, at no cost to them.

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Multiply and Multiply for Corporates Open

Members get Multiply Starter at no additional cost and they can then upgrade to Multiply Premier by paying an additional fee. Employers can earn rewards through Multiply for Corporates.

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For more information on Multiply for Corporates click here

EmployeeReturns Open

Members with Multiply Premier can earn rewards called EmployeeReturns to boost their FundsAtWork retirement savings, their Momentum HealthSaver or their Multiply Money savings wallet.

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Client engagement Open

Through multiple communication channels, employers and their employees benefit from regular communication and client education, and have easy access to information and transactional capabilities.

Employer portal Open

The employer portal is a real-time and fully-integrated web-based tool that empowers the employer to manage their employees’ benefits at their convenience.

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Smart Underwriting Open

The award-winning Smart Underwriting is the first group insurance digital underwriting process available in South Africa. It allows members to complete their underwriting by answering a few short questions about their health and lifestyle in a fully secure and private digital space.

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Smart Counsel Open

Smart Counsel is another innovative service designed to encourage choices that improve the members’ financial goals. Members have access to a professional telephonic benefit counselling service to ensure they have the right information, at the right time, so that they can make the right decision for their personal financial situation. This leads to better informed decision-making and improved financial outcomes.

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Smart Exits Open

The award-winning Smart Exits is a first in the industry. When a member leaves their employment they can see their retirement savings now and at retirement as well as how much tax they will pay if they take their benefit in cash. This way they become empowered to make better decisions and keep their savings invested.

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Members leaving their job Open

Members can seamlessly move to the Momentum Corporate Preservation Fund or remain in the Umbrella Fund when they change jobs.

Smart Retirements Open

Smart Retirements is a user-friendly “try before you buy” digital platform which educates members on the annuity products and gives them the opportunity to look at the impact different decisions will have on their retirement. It is aligned to the annuity strategy and supported by our Smart Counsel services.

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Annuity strategy Open

The trustees of the FundsAtWork Umbrella Funds have chosen the Momentum Golden Income With-Profit Annuity as their annuity strategy because it meets the needs of most pensioners.

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