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Investments and annuities

Confidence on the journey to financial wellness.

About us

We are a market-leading provider of investments and annuity solutions for corporate and retirement funds. We add value to our clients by continually leading the market into new product areas and transforming existing products.

We launched South Africa’s first inflation-linked annuity in 2000. We were also first to introduce a multi-manager smoothed bonus product with independent governance (2003), and dynamic risk management techniques that radically reduce downside risk - and capital charges - for with-profit annuities.

Our risk management capabilities and liability–driven investment strategies set us apart.

Our Vision

At the heart of all we do lies the financial wellness of our customers. This inspires us to develop value-for-money products that offer financial security through the provision of guarantees – changing people’s lives, particularly when they are at their most vulnerable.

Our Team

Our commitment to teamwork and innovation allows us to attract the best talent. We have a diverse team of actuarial, investment and industry specialists who lead our innovative thinking to provide a world-class experience to our clients.