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Momentum launches Safe Dayz™ to promote road safety

Momentum  |  24 January 2018

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24 January 2018 - Momentum has launched Safe Dayz™, a pioneering telematics solution aimed at promoting road safety and incentivising both drivers and passengers for being safe.

The functionality can be accessed from the Momentum app and provides users with a daily score based on their safety on the road. Short-term insurance clients can receive an annual cashback bonus of up to 30% of their car and home insurance premiums, even if they claim.

The Safe Dayz™ functionality is developed in recognition of the dire need for safety interventions, which can help improve the state of South Africa's roads. The latest Road Traffic Management Corporation's Cost of Crashes in South Africa report reveals the huge financial implications road accidents have on victims, communities, businesses and government.

Reflecting on the financial burden of car accidents, the Road Traffic Management Corporation reported a staggering R99 billion human casualty cost in 2015/2016, an increase from R69 billion in 2014. This cost category includes loss of quality of life, future and present productivity, funeral and medical expenses and workplace re-occupation.

Etienne du Toit, Chief Commercial Officer at Momentum Short-term Insurance, says: "The burden road safety places on individuals, communities, businesses and government is a major cause for concern, particularly when taking financial wellness into consideration. Our latest innovation, Safe Dayz™, is designed to improve the behaviour of road users and reward short-term insurance clients with cash every year, even if they claim."

"Safe Dayz™ not only encourages the driver to be more cautious on the road, but gives the passenger persuasive power to influence the behaviour of the motorist, an essential for public transport users who are not always in control of drivers' behaviour," says du Toit.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation report further reveals that road traffic crashes on South Africa's road network amounted to R142.95 billion in 2015, which equates to 3.4% of GDP.

"As a business we recognise that the impact of road accidents is significant for the insurance industry, government and the financial progression of consumers. We are confident that Safe Dayz™ will revolutionise drivers' behaviour on the roads and enhance the financial wellness of our clients. This solution is particularly important in a country where billions of rands are spent on road crashes, which can potentially be allocated to other initiatives," adds du Toit.

Safe Dayz™ is integrated with Multiply, Momentum's wellness and rewards programme. This offering forms an important part of the value proposition aimed at helping South Africans to be safer and financially well. Multiply clients can boost their rewards level to qualify for bigger rewards when using Safe Dayz™, helping them to actively multiply their money.

Additional safety and convenience innovations recently introduced by Momentum include Safety Score1, HomeDrive2 and Momentum in-app features3.

"Ensuring the safety of our clients and introducing solutions that bring them convenience is at the core of our business. We strive to develop products and design features that are simple enough to understand, and can enhance our clients' experience with us."

"Safe Dayz™ is activated at no cost to the user and focuses on the safety of the individual and not the asset. With this incentive-based solution, we aim to make the cashback and Multiply points rewards attainable for our clients so we can succeed in changing behaviour for safer roads in our communities," concludes du Toit.

Download the Momentum Safe Dayz Fact Sheet

About Momentum Short-term Insurance

Momentum Short-term Insurance aims to enhance the financial wellness and safety of individuals, families, their businesses and communities, which is why we offer short-term products to suit your individual needs. We have achieved a 4.29% overturn ratio, as shown in the Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance 2016 Annual Report, exceeding the rate of all insurance providers reviewed during that period. Our innovative mobile app for clients puts the power back in your hands. Whether you need personal cover on your all-risk items, car, household contents, or building; or commercial cover on your business assets, we’ve got you covered. Our clients are rated on their individual risk profile and not on an average calculation.

1Safety Score is made up of quick questionnaires that measure personal, car and home environment safety and provide clients with a score based on the assessment of their safety. The questionnaires are designed to empower clients with information on how to enhance their safety in the different environments.

2HomeDrive is a feature available to Momentum car and home insurance clients aimed at bringing them convenience of securing a safe ride home after engaging in activities that may negatively impact their safety on the road.

3The Momentum app makes it possible for clients to submit windscreen and hail damage claims with no requirement for a call centre agent. Clients can also view their Safe Day™ rewards amongst other functionalities available on the app.

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